Thursday, July 06, 2006

The 100-Mile Diet

Okay, I couldn't do this on a regular basis, I don't think, but you know that I try to live sustainably and gently with the earth. Some days are better than others. I read about the 100-mile diet on David Suzuki's website; the challege of course is to eat food that grew within 100 miles of your house. Doing so supports local farmers, reduces toxic emissions, and can (but doesn't necessarily) reduce the amount of pesticides going into your body. Besides, you get to meet and chat with the people who grew the food. They feel about food the way I feel about yarn. They love their work and they love to talk about it. This is the time of year to give this way of eating a shot, and Thursdays are Farmer's Market days here in corn-town. So off I went on the little red bicycle, with my basket and a grocery list.

I came home with NOTHING on the list. Wonderful things, but nothing on the list. I have new potatoes, and flowers, and salsa, and asparagus, and blueberries, and scallions. I have home-made soap and home-made wine. Now... I challenge anyone to come up with a dinner from that. We had twice-baked potatoes with salsa on top, asparagus on the side, and blueberry cobbler for dessert. So I guess I did come up with a dinner, but it was a little catch-as-catch-can.

Anyway.... I have no point, really. It's just that I'm still looking for ways to live gently and simply, and sometimes those ways are right under my nose.

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