Sunday, February 22, 2009

Inhabiting my Kitchen

Where's Mary???? I want her to see this! Largely thanks to her, and to the fact that I now have someone to feed, I'm relocating my kitchen. I made bread today. THIS is what a kitchen is supposed to smell like. Once upon a time the fresh bread perfume was absolutely unremarkable around here; I made bread almost every day in those days. Of course, these days are not those days. It was a delight to smell fresh bread again.

But I didn't just make bread. No sirree, Bob. I was on a roll. I made snickerdoodles for the boy-child -his favorite. That dough is chilling in the fridge. And I made chicken salad to go on the new bread. And... ummm.... I made a little bit of mess. But the days when you have to run the dishwasher twice really are good days.

And, of course, to me all of this is more important than bread or cookies or chicken salad. It's all about grace and welcome and feeding people in ways that make restaurants superfluous. It's about making a life for myself.

Oh yeah, I'm on a roll!


Nina said...

a roll! I get it!

I love the smell of fresh bread.

Andrea said...

SOrry! I guess I overdid that one ;)

Anne said...

That's wonderful!

breadchick said...

OMG!!! I take a weekend off and look what you did!!!

I am so frippin' proud of you and your bread I can't stand it.

Before you know it, you are going to be ready for a sourdough starter in your fridge. Come see me when you are, I have just the no fuss, no heavy care one for you ;-)

OH and funny of funnies, my word verification is apple!

Lisa :-] said...

Congratulations, Andrea. I think your messy kitchen looks beautiful.