Thursday, October 16, 2008

Note to Self

Be careful what you wish for.

OK. I admit it. What I said was, "I want to write more." What I meant was more like "I want to write at a leisurely pace." Seriously. Be very careful what you say -or even think very loudly. The universe has a way of providing.

I said that. And then this friend called and said, "remember when we did this project and collected these data...? Well, now, if we pull it together, it really works for this conference." Enter the necessity of crawling around in my scary attic to find the data, then the even scarier process of marathon-writing. On top of other non-optional writing.... things got a little wild around here.

But, the whole thing has unleashed a process of thinking outside the box. The writing didn't really succeed. It gone done, but it was UGLY and only on time if you squint at the clock. So, we're rethinking. I called my friend Elizabeth (actually, I think she called...whatever.) and asked her to tell me how to re-arrange this office that I'm sitting in, to make it work. She's really good at that stuff.

Nope. She suggested that I find another room altogether -some cozy, happy place. This room has always been the office. We added it on to the house to BE the office. She busted through the notion that it must be the office in perpetuity. (Why do I think like that?????) So, I'm moving my office to Nicholas's old room. I have been authorized by its former owner to re-purpose it ;)

This is actually an old picture.... the reality is worse yet, but I can't get my camera to work. (actual truth... I do not understand my digital camera.)

So, I've started spackling. (WHY am I spackling, when it was oh-so-not me shooting my bow and arrow at the walls of my bedroom???? A question for the sages....) Then I suppose I have to prime. I wonder what that means???? Then, I'm thinking of a cheerful cantaloupe-y color, with a lighter orange for the trim. Trust me when I tell you this would never have happened when what's-his-name lived here.

But for now, I'm learning to spackle. I don't think there's supposed to be this much goop in my hair. But I'm just guessing....


Elisa said...

I don't think you need to prime, especially since you're painting a color over white. Just my lazy opinion.

I was painting yesterday and got some in my hair as usual . . . also on my contact lens -- that was weird.

Anonymous said...

I love painting! enjoy the whole process. It's so liberating! It's suddenly clear that your walls can be ANY COLOR YOU WANT!!

a nice melony color sounds beautiful.

Lexy said...

Melon-y color is good. I think the trim should stay white, but that's JMHO. Two oranges - too much.

Since I've left the area, I think you've made an office space like 3 times, right? Should I believe you THIS time? ;) Like is this the REAL office now?

Lisa :-] said...

I think this is a great idea. My "office" has been in at least three rooms of my house, in an effort to find THE place where I was happy and comfortable...much more conducive to doing actual work.