Friday, August 08, 2008

Oh, the Mystery

We were transported. Three sisters' purses lined up, revealing all kinds of things about each of us.

The one sister... What we said: tidy, contained, professional, classic, doesn't need a lot of stuff because a) she has a staff, and b) she freakin' gets things done.

What she thought: wound up a little tight, too reserved... "Oh my God, do my accessories not reflect my true inner self? Or worse... do they???

The next sister... What we said: hip, professional, arty, cool but not at all over the edge

What she thought: desperate to find the next hip thing, I have the same bag as every other person trying to accomplish the same thing.

The next sister... What we said: creative, no one else has this bag, cute (did we say cute?)

What she thought: It's $10 of fabric from the cupboard and a D-Ring from Jo-anne Fabrics. I'm so lame.

So... now that some of you have met my sisters, whose bag is whose? And why in the bloody blue blazes are we so hard on ourselves??

1 comment:

Lisa :-] said...

Must be nice to have sisters who are such individuals. If you lined up my bag with those of my three sisters, they would all look pretty much alike.

AND...don't be so hard on yourselves!