Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Go see Mamma Mia! Really.

Well, go see it if you're a woman of a certain age. It's hilarious and campy and charming. It's got Colin Firth AND Pierce Brosnan. I mean, for heaven's sake, it's a bargain at $8 and some popcorn ;) You'll be embarrassed to notice that you know all the words to all the ABBA songs, but so does everyone else in the theater.

Meryl Streep can just plain do anything. She makes being the mother of a too-young bride and working as a struggling hotelier glorious. She wears her scroungy overalls and fixes shutters and dances and is crazy-sexy.

The characters are under-drawn,I admit. The girlfriends are kind of caricatured, and we never really figure out the boyfriends at all. But it's a movie based on ABBA songs; stop looking for art!!!

Compare it to Sex and the City-which I've seen all of once, but that doesn't stop me from making proclamations. There we have 20-something gorgeous girls in their uncomfortable shoes that cost as much as my car. They sit around in coffee shops and agonize about how miserable they are. The women in Mamma Mia have suffered, right enough, but they dance through it.

Except for the personal quibble that it mometarily gave me hope that love thought to be long-dead can come back -which is not where I need to place my hope- the movie was a non-stop delight. I'd see it again, if anyone is up for it.


Lisa :-] said...

Good lord. Is it really $8 for a movie ticket these days? I haven't paid full-price to see a first-run movie in a theatre for at least five years.

I wish this movie had been playing at our local theatre yesterday. We were looking desperately for some place to spend two air-conditioned hours.

We ended up going out for pizza and then to the grocery store...LOL!

breadchick said...

OK, so I can't go see this movie. I just can't bring myself to watch Streep, Firth, and Brosnan in this BUT I will admit to seeing the show on Broadway.

OK, it was a date and I didn't have a choice because it was well one of those "We'll have dinner and go to a show" type of dates but I admit despite wanting to HATE the show I was up on my feet singing the songs at the top of my lungs like everyone else in the audience...

There, embarrassing moment of the week over 6 minutes into it!!

Michael said...

Saw it live in Vegas years ago. And my heterosexual college buddy knew more of the words than I did!

But Pierce Brosnan? Eww.

Renee said...

Haven't seen the movie *yet* but loved the musical. I sang the whole way through and so did everyone around me.