Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Can I Have an Extension???

It's the end of the semester and that's the song in the air, so I might as well sing it too ;)

Here's what's going on. I promise. I have eloquent posts floating around in my head. But yesterday I had three papers and a presentation due. Dave's back in town and was quite convinced that I was going to let him come get his stuff yesterday, in spite of my clear indication that Tuesday was the ONLY day this week that didn't work for me. Standing my ground led to some contretemps that were unpleasant and probably unproductive.

I tried to explain that things are different now. I will not cower when he blusters. (I didn't phrase it like that.) Almost without a doubt, he thinks I was being bitchy. If that's his only language for a strong woman who takes up space on the planet, well, so be it. His vocabulary limitations are not my problem.

And then tonight, I got called in to work unexpectedly.

I will download pictures and write about my birthday. I promise. One of my sisters has some interesting video I will try to embed.

In the meantime, I offer you this -the first draft of my new intention statement for my life. It's about where I want to go, but phrased in the present tense. Hopefully, that will help me live the dream. Questions? Comments?

I am a scholar-practitioner, working to create a gentler world for the poorest and a more vibrant world of ideas for the community of scholars. I am a playful athlete and a confident creator of beautiful things. I cherish my family and friends and let them know it. I go to bed at night certain that I have done my best to create the conditions of my own life.


jill said...

How about:

I am a scholar-practitioner, working to create a gentler and a more vibrant world that allows ideas to flourish....


Because, heck - why create your own limitations?

Lisa :-] said...

LOVE your intention statement. So positive and confident.