Tuesday, July 24, 2007


OK, I'm here. Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated. Two things have happened while I've been quiet.

One -Dave is home. It's so good to have him home I can't even tell you. Of course, it's also true that, were this a date, I'd have to tell you it's going very badly. We're awkward with each other and a little prickly and a lot uncertain. It'll be okay -as long as he remembers to wipe his toothpaste dribbles out of the bathroom sink. No.... what I meant was.... it'll be okay. I'm just grateful to be able to hear another person breathing and working and puttering around the house. THAT's golden.

And the other thing is that I got my Ravelry invitation, at long last. It's a social networking geek-fest for knitters. Oh my GOD! It's still in beta, but the creators have done just a fabulous job of thinking through what the technology can do for knitters and crocheters and other fiber geeks. If you ever looked at a piece of yarn and wondered what you might be able to do with it, go get yourself on the invitation list. I'm in love.

Thing the third.... My local knitting buddies have asked that I start a blog (clearly they don't know that I HAVE a blog) re: my knitting projects while I'm away in Pennsylvania. So, brace yourself for slightly more knitting than I've let myself get away with in the past. You social justice types might just get converted to knitting. The knitters might read a bit more about my leftie politics -and with any luck, like me nonetheless

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