Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Random Ten

You know the drill. Set your iPod to shuffle and tell us the first ten songs that appear. And no fair leaving out the ones that make you feel like an idiot. (Sometimes I feel like I have the world's biggest collection of embarrassing music. Yesterday I had people over and the iPod, set on shuffle, playing through the stereo speakers. Suddenly I hear Rosemary Clooney singing "Here Comes Susie Snowflake, blasting through my house." Well, now.... Picture making a beeline for the stereo!)

  • The Honor of Your Company; Tom Paxton
  • Tombeau Sur le Mort de M. Conte d' Logy; Weiss via Segovia
  • Night in that Land; Nightnoise
  • Eastlander; Steven McDonald
  • Anything Goes; Ella Fitzgerald
  • Song of the Traveling Daughter; Abigail Washburn
  • Walk or Ride; The Ditty Bops
  • Missing You; Alison Krauss
  • Farther Along; Emmylou Harris
  • I've Got Better Things to Do; Terri Clark

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Ooooh -- I haven't heard the Tom Paxton in ages. This entry almost makes me want an IPod.