Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A New Green Challenge

Just in time for Earth Day, Slate and TreeHugger have teamed up again for a new Green Challenge. (Quite possibly, that sentence wins the prize for most links/sentence.)

The challenge starts by looking at transportation -which is unfortunate, because I just drove to go vote. The polling place is about 3 blocks away, and the weather is beautiful and I own a perfectly lovely bike. So, pretty clearly I need reminders in this department. In my defense, I also went to the library, checked out books, and dropped off four big bags of books that I've weeded from our collection. Okay, my collection. But still. At least I combined errands. It's a lame defense, but it's the one I have.

This week, I will bike to work. I won't promise that the whole day will be car-free, but I'll at least do that much. I need to get back to car-free Thursdays. Now that the weather is (one fervently hopes) turning to spring, I can get back to that easily enough. So, there's the plan.

Go check out the challenge and let us know what you're going to change about your transportation -if anything.

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