Saturday, March 31, 2007

Music to Knit By

I did tell you that I was going to be boring, right? Today was my once a month (or so) day to teach people to knit and crochet and play with string. My standard line "It's STRING and two sticks. You are smarter that it is. Trust me." I naturally had my beloved MamaPod with me, but I need a knitting playlist. Here's what I came up with, on the fly.

  1. The Old Spinning Wheel; Edward James Richard
  2. This Hill is Filled with Children; That Guitar Man (only because it was mentioned on Cast On a long time ago, and I liked it
  3. Before I Go; Yanni (kind of embarrassing, but it's calm -and the title sounds a bit like "Just let me finish this row". Ever said that???
  4. Live and Learn; The Cardigans
  5. Silver Threads; Peter, Paul, and Mary
  6. Oh Had I a Golden Thread; Judy Collins
  7. Sound of the Looms: Anne Hills
  8. Silken Dreams; Anne Hills
  9. The Goofing Off Suite; Tony Trischka Band
  10. Knitting Bee; The Cubby Creatures
  11. Knitting Factory; Emiko
  12. U.S. Knitting: Momus
  13. Knitting and Knitting: The Swims
  14. Knitting for Pleasure: Palomar
  15. Knitting Song; Rainbow Chasers
  16. Plenty is Never Enough; Tenement Halls
  17. Knot Knitting: cinc
  18. Knitting Buddha: Kamile Kapel
  19. Knitting Front: Chris Chalfant
  20. Knitting Circle; The Low Country Messiahs
  21. I've Got the World on a String: Frank Sinatra
  22. I Guess Things Happen that Way; Raul Malo
  23. World Hold On; Bob Sinclair

Got better ideas?

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Michael said...

"Weave One Heart," Marty Haugen
"To Everything There Is a Season" ("Turn, Turn, Turn"), The Byrds