Thursday, March 29, 2007

Great Firewall of China

Hat tip to VirusHead for this one. (How DO you find such cool things??? You probably know where to get your hair cut too, and then I'll have to hate you, for sure!)

My blog is blocked in China. (For all I know all of blogspot is blocked. Or maybe anything that tags posts as "human rights" or "activism" or some such thing is blocked.) Check here to see if yours is, too.


Michael said...

Huh. Yours is blocked, but mine is available.

Go figure!

(Maybe if I start talking about social justice more they'll ban me, too ;-9)

Andrea Rusin said...

I think it must be blogger sites that are blocked, irrespective of content. Every one that I've tried has been blocked -even when the content is quite benign.

Heidi aka VirusHead said...

I have only ever found one place where my hair looked great, even days or weeks later. It was in Paris. Figures, huh? In Atlanta, nothing. They always want to cut my hair like shelves. So, I haven't had it cut in quite a while now. I want it short, but it takes too long to grow out if they mess it up...