Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The solution to guns in schools....

... is more guns in schools????

Wil blogged about this issue yesterday, but I've been sputtering about it ever since I read his post. (How I missed the news in the first place is beyond me.)

Wisconsin Assemblyman Frank Lasee plans to introduce a bill to allow teachers to have guns in the classroom. After the shooting in Joplin yesterday, the governor of Missouri is apparently considering something similar. Have they lost their minds entirely?

Mind you, I see how a school shooting could cause a person to lose his or her mind. And I see that what we're doing now isn't working. I'm not persuaded by the arguments that our kids are still, statistically speaking, safe at school. They need to be safe from gunfire (at the very least) while at school -PERIOD.

But let's back this up a bit. Where are the kids getting the guns? Presumably they aren't buying them at K-Mart. They're probably getting them at home. And what are high powered weapons doing at home, one must wonder. The shooting in Missouri this week was with the parents' automatic rifle. Were we going to go deer hunting with that? I doubt it. What is the bloody point of having such absurd weaponry? Why ought there be a right to own that?

And where are the kids getting the rage that leads them to pick up a weapon in the first place? And let's not ignore the tidbit that several of the recent shootings have targeted girls. Where is that sexually-motivated (or gender-motivated) rage coming from? We need to figure that out -address that- and then there's some hope. We're failing our kids until we resolve this.

Of course, if Miss Wormwood had been armed, perhaps Calvin would have done his homework with somewhat more regularity. Satire is about the only possibility. Check out the Colbert Report on YouTube:


Kristin said...

Oh my goodness, that one slipped by me as well. What a horrible thing, seriously, I don't see how it will help either. Jeeze, nice link to the satire, it made me laugh at a terrifying situation.

Wil Morat said...

I miss Comedy Central...great link to the Colbert Report.