Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Random 10

First, can I just rant -just bloody, freakin' rant- about the new version of iTunes? I've got such a mess, and I'm not a complete computer moron, that the computer-tech-boy-child gave up trying to fix it after hours of trying. And then, in spite of his best efforts, and an attempt (unsatisfactory) to return me to iTunes version 6, all my playlists were destroyed. And I still can't access the iTunes store, nor will my computer and iPod sync with each other. I've tried all the potential solutions they've suggested -the firewall, the routers, the proxy server, flushing the DNS, everything. I'm waiting for the boy to have more time to fix this drama, and I'm fuming at the virus-masquerading-as-software that is iTunes 7.

That said, I can still listen to the music I already had, and there really is a lot of it. So, I can still do the Friday Random 10. Here it is for this week:

  • Water from Another Time; John McCutcheon
  • Southland in the Springtime; Indigo Girls
  • The Honor of Your Company; Tom Paxton
  • Misguided Angel; Cowboy Junkies
  • Who Will Sing for Me?; Emmylou Harris
  • Manic Monday; The Bangles
  • Psalm 62; John Michael Talbot
  • O Fortuna from Carmina Burana; Carl Orff
  • Emperor's Waltz; Johann Strauss, Jr.
  • Unafraid; Joy Williams

It's very folky this week. That works for me!


breadchick said...

Your post just cinched it for me, I will just say no when Itunes asks me to update again...

Michael said...

Andrea should've done that. The new iTunes release is buggy, and lots of places warned people not to update when asked. If I'd known you were contemplating upgrading, I'd have said something. Sorry!

Andrea Rusin said...

Yeah... I should have been more careful. The boy-child pretty much let me have it for trying to do the upgrade at all.