Saturday, October 28, 2006

Intentional Cooking

What with living alone and having a slightly busy (okay, deranged) life, I've hardly cooked lately. It's ridiculous on so many levels that I've let this slide. And the universe clearly wants me to get over this. Mary at The Sour Dough has invited me to participate in the Weekend Cookbook Challenge.

The goal this month is to use a neglected kitchen gadget and a little-used cookbook to come up with something fabulous. At this point, I could call my oven a neglected kitchen gadget. However, I intend to think slightly more creatively than that. I'm going to dust off my bread machine and my cinnamon rolls recipe (which is adapted for the bread machine from my grandmother's recipe) and get to work. My cinnamon rolls used to be quite good -back when there were people here to eat them. But I'll just put the extra in the freezer and eat them one at a time, all by my little old self.

Or... the boy-child will smell them cooking from across town and mysteriously show up at just the right moment! A mom can dream.

By the way, I DO think that posting this is consistent with my vague vision for this blog. Cooking for myself, cooking WELL for myself, is part of my process of learning to live gracefully, justly, and simply in the world. So.. sometimes before Saturday, there will be a picture of cinnamon rolls right here on this blog. Stay tuned.


breadchick said...

Whoopee! Can't wait to see the rolls! Welcome to our merry band of weekend cooking fiends.

Michael said...

I was thinking of doing up a batch of soupe à l'oignon this week. Got a bagful of onions that's going to go bad if I don't use them soon, and the other fixins. And I'll actually be home this weekend.... So maybe I'll get out the mandolin and the stockpot and make some soup.