Monday, September 21, 2009

While I Was Away...


I'm just crazy-busy. Over the top, now-you've-crossed-the-line insane busy. And in part it's because things are going so well.

But there are things that the "small group" could really think about and places where we could make a difference. But of course, I overslept this morning -because I stayed up too late last night- and now I have to run.

Here's question 1. I was chatting with a friend yesterday. (not chat, really. We have important conversations.) And I "confessed" that I had done one of those 101 goals in 1001 days lists. I am enjoying watching the goals get checked off. And wondering why whole sections have seen no movement. Are they, perhaps, not really goals? Or are they gestating somewhere in the back of my psyche, and their time will come?

And, as this friend points out, wondering if making the list public is just another way of inviting the universe to mess with you. Do you speak your goals out loud, to make them more real? Or do you hold them close to your heart and breathe gently on them until they are big and strong?


breadchick said...

Hmm.. interesting thought about putting the jinx onto your goals if you list them in public.

I was just going to open a list and now I'm going to think about am I toss care to the wind and tempt the fates by publishing the list or am I going to hold them close and nurture them.

Sharon Frost said...

I don't like to speak my goals, unless someone is asking me direct questions. I've seen so many pronouncements of friends just lie there.

It's like, when talking about my art for example, I say "I never...". I will inevitably find myself, shortly thereafter, doing the "never".