Friday, August 07, 2009

Go See Yogalila

It's here: yogalila.

It's a team blog, with some dear yoga friends -friends who are smart and funny and insightful and drop-dead stunning in their abilties to practice and reflect about yoga. I've moved my posts about yoga over there, and I just put one up.

This month we're thinking about yoga and fear. But -being us- we also post whatever comes to mind at the moment. So you'll find workshop summaries, thoughts about the sutras, rants about clueless people at yoga class.... whatever.

Come play with us.

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Betsy said...

Hi Andrea,
I came here from Tracey's blog.
Go to
Sign-in or I think you'll have to sign-up for an account.
If I remember correctly, you can either have it come out of your checking account or enter a credit card, but I'm not sure about that. I use my checking account.
Then click on "Send Money"
You'll put in Tracey's business e-mail:
It will say Purchase in bold and Personal unbolded.
Click on Personal.
Then click on Gift.
Then she gets the money.
I hope that works for you!
Betsy Derr