Monday, August 03, 2009

A Birthday Without Heartache

That's my mom. Some ASTOUNDING number of years ago today, I made her into a mom. (I wonder if I did her a favor?!) Thanks, Mom, for having a birthing day!

Last year, my sisters were here, and we had a party for friends and family. As it happens, it was the first big backyard party of what's turned out to be a series of backyard parties. Who knew? Last year, too, Dave returned to town on more-or-less this date. We literally have not seen each other in a year. Once I saw him from far away on his bike. That's it. Who's hiding from whom, here? This town is awfully small (and campus is smaller yet) for us not to have run into each other. (And seriously... do you know anyone else who got stood up for her own divorce? I didn't even see him then!) It's been another year of that strangeness-and I know I can live through it.

I'm making a life. It's bumpy and new and full of mistakes -but it's also shiny and new and full of wonder. I'm glad to have made it another year. I wonder what next year holds? Thank you for all the moral support and the kindness and the strength and the coffee and the hugs and the being-there. You're part of the giftedness of my life, and I thank my lucky stars for you every day.


Lisa :-] said...

Happy Birthday, Andrea. You have indeed come a long way in a short time.

Why did I think Math-fink had stayed in the East...? Too bad he decided to come back...but if you never see him, all the better.

breadchick said...

Happy Birthday Andrea.

My gift to you is a year of peace, joy and happiness in your new life.

OH, and you know how you are always thanking me for getting you back into the kitchen.

Well...let me thank you for getting me to pick up the knitting needles again.