Sunday, March 29, 2009

God's Nightgown!!!*

* It's a "literary" allusion. It's the curse that Scarlett O'Hara would use when she was ROYALLY pissed. And so is this southerner!

Just LOOK what I woke up to -in almost-April!! This is ridiculous. I, of course, left my car out in the driveway, because I'm smart that way. So it's encrusted in a case of ice. I need to traipse out into this mess and make sure there's bird seed in the feeder (which I know there isn't at the moment).

And what about my pretty purple crocuses?? Will they be ok?

Tip for surviving my temper today: Don't start with the "it looks pretty" thing. We know that drill. We say that to endure, and it might even be true in November. Now, this weather is just an affront to good manners.


Sophie_vf said...

ha ha! or as they would say in Harry Potter, "Merlin's Pants!"

We woke up to the same thing this morning, although it is not pretty. The car is no doubt also encrusted in ice.

The only consolation for us is that it's been crappy enough up till now that the crocuses haven't even started - so at least they're not around to get spmooshed.

breadchick said...

Amen sister....

I had the same experience last week when I had flurries here.

Michael said...

At least over in my neck of the woods, it's already melting away pretty quickly. Should be gone by Tuesday night at the latest.

Lianne said...

Andrea, Sophie, I hope this doesn't fall in the "it looks pretty" catergory, but I offer you this poem:

Calgary 2 A.M.

In spite of the fact that it's twenty below
and winter has gone on for five long months,

in spite of being starved, starved almost to death
for greenness and warmth, flowers and birds,

in spite of the deadness of endless classrooms,
shopping centres, television shows,

in spite of the pains in the gut, the migraines,
the wakings, the palpitations,

in spite of a guilty knowledge of laziness,
of failure to meet some obligations,

in spite of all these things, and more,
I have to report that the moon tonight

is filling the house with a wild blueness,
my children grow, excel, are healthy,

my wife is gentle, there are friends,
and once in a while a poem will come.

In spite of the fact that it's twenty below,
tonight I smile. Summer bursts inside me.

~ Christopher Wiseman ~

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