Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Making a Little Mark

It's a day of unimaginable spring beauty AND it's my day off. Could a girl ask for more? I could ask for a little more, as it happens. And here's where, if you listen carefully, you can hear my siblings start to shout warnings.

Step away from the home improvement project. It only seems small.

I ignore them. I went to the garden store and bought some baskets of flowers. How much trouble can this cause, for heaven's sake? But I want these flowers -at least some of them- to hang. The baskets come with hooks, but the eaves of the house don't come with hooks. No matter. The nice young man at Menard's will tell me how to do this. The answer seems to involve a drill and a screw and a prongy thing. This could go very badly indeed, but he assures me I can handle it.

I know my limitations, so I also stop by the liquor store. If I can't get the flowers to hang, I can at least drown my sorrows. Or, I suppose, I could offer whomever I con into helping me a fortifying glass of Pinot Grigio.

The morning's haul:

But it turns out that, by climbing on a dining room chair and balancing on the porch rail (thank heavens for yoga and balancing postures), I can drill a hole and hang one of my plants. Here's what we have so far.

I honestly thought I'd bought enough plants, but it's not quite the look of abundance that I wanted. It's a nice start, though. And the congratulatory glass of Pinot is all for me.

Now I'm off on my bicycle. Laundry can wait.


Lexy said...

A couple more on the steps would round out the look, I think. As I looked at the rafters with this plant hanging, I wondered how Dr. Shortshit was going to water the hanging-way-up-high plants.

You probably have a plan, I'm sure. :)

jill said...

You can also get either lengths of chain or those long "S" hooks to drop the plants down to easier-watering height.

lonelywombat said...

I had the same thought as Lexy about the watering thing. Those dang baskets seem to really suck up the water. However you can get a wand type extension for your garden hose I think. Not sure how far they extend.

Lisa :-] said...

Anther vote for lowering the plants by hanging them on chains. Not necessarily for ease of watering (they make really l-o-n-g watering wands these days) but because they will be more visually pleasing on the house that way.

Container plants are my thing...

Anonymous said...

And the sound you hear from your siblings is not a collective "be careful" but a collective round of applause. Nicely Done!