Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Girls' Day Out

For Christmas, I gave Victoria the gift of a girls' day out in Chicago. She figured pedicures and a glass of white wine. Not quite, but she had the theme right. We finally arranged our schedules so that we were off on the same day and didn't each have 4 jillion other things to do.

We headed for the train at 7:15. This is a day off????

Then off to Intimacy where, you will be glad to know I did NOT take pictures. Several hundred dollars lighter in the pocket book, we've been fitted, disturbed at the size we discovered that we both are, amazed at the comfort that wearing the right undergarments brings, and we each have some new underwear. Girl stuff, in a big way. Seriously, go to this place. We've developed, I'm sad to say, another expensive habit :(

Then we needed sustenance. Coffee was essential to the recovery process: L'Appetito. But chocolate was the real key.

Then, we walk. We see the sculpture that is supposed to be called The Cloud Gate, but everyone just calls "The Bean": We check out the Pavilion. This isn't a great picture; the real thing reminds me of the Sidney Opera House.

We check out the faces. There's only one today.

A glass of Grand Marnier at Bennigan's, and back to the train we go. Tomorrow, it's back to work, but our new undergarments will remind us of our the girls' day out.


Lisa :-] said... the Windy City has changed. I've never seen "The Bean..." I feel like I've really missed something.

Renee said...

Yay! I love having new underwear. It makes me feel well-cared for.

Lexy said...

She's a new woman! We need to meet up for coffee so I can stare at your chest. ;)