Friday, September 28, 2007

Make Some Noise - Finding My Voice

It takes no genius to notice that the single thing that defines me is my hope for and my need to work for social change and social justice. Yet, at the moment, what I need to do is relocate my voice. I've been such an unsettled little bundle of existential angst lately, that I haven't been much good to anyone -including myself.

But things are starting to come together. There is much work to be done, even here in my own little nest, to say nothing of the rest of the world. But in the "can-do" spirit that's becoming important to me, here's some music for courage:

  • So She Dances; Josh Groban
  • How to Save a Life; The Fray
  • Some Things Are Meant to Be; Sammy Kershaw
  • Getting Back Up; Tracy Lawrence
  • Gentle Warrior; Lucie Forbes
  • Do What You do; Carolyn Arends
  • I Wanna Do It All; Terri Clark
  • Big Dream; Chyi Yu
  • Something to be Proud of; Montgomery Gentry
  • Powerful Women; elena

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