Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pending Projects in the "Think Great Thoughts" Category

  • getting blogger to treat static pages like dynamic pages, so that my primary blog will have clickable tabs, sorted by the "categories" of my life. I'm quite sure no one cares except me, but I want this to work. Then I have to figure out how to embed the feed of one blog into another -and get the whole thing to be transparent to my readers. Andrea shakes her fist at the sky a la Scarlett O'Hara.... as God as my witness....
  • act on my resolution to include more pictures in my blog. I love it when other people do that. Step one: find camera. Charge it.
  • prepare a talk for Cypriot visitors who want to learn about social justice project development -and develop an actual project. How cool is that?
  • become the world's expert on refugees and forced migration. Way to bury the lead, huh? But that's the goal.
  • prepare my portion of a talk on grant writing for DeKalb County service providers.
  • breathe..... breathe.... into this paper bag, if need-be.

I would not let students get away with such loose-y goose-y goals. Ummmm, could we have something measurable here? A timeline? What are the component tasks? I'll take care of that. But at least now I'm "out there" with my goals.


Renee said...

My suggestion for the photo thing is to get a phone that also takes good pictures. I might forget my camera, but I never forget my phone. And then you can upload instantly.

Sheree said...

Remembering my camera was the trickiest thing for me and blogging. I now take pictures of every meal I make, many things I am not at the moment blogging about and just about everything! Sometimes photo's alone get my brain juices blowing!

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