Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Middle-Aged Bridget Jones

"At times like this, continuing with one's life seems impossible... and eating the entire contents of one's fridge seems inevitable. I have two choices: to give up and accept permanent state of spinsterhood and eventually be eaten by Alsatians... or not, and this time I choose not. I will not be defeated by a bad man and an American stick insect! Instead, I choose vodka. And Chaka Khan."

I had a very strange day yesterday. Mostly sleeping, as it happens. And beating myself up, for the entertainment value of it all, I suppose. I mean, seriously, most people ENJOY the weekends. What's wrong with me that they make me feel pathetic? What's wrong with me that...... blah, blah, blah....

Then, the little iPod shuffled to Chaka Khan belting out "All By Myself" and I realized that I was having a Bridget Jones day. For crying out loud. As darling as she is, she is 30 and I'm, well, not. (Although, one shouldn't prematurely rule out the possibility of chasing Colin Firth down the street wearing only one's underwear.)

OK. It's over. Seriously, that kind of self-pity is just boring. There are plenty of things to do, plenty of things to feel powerful about, proud of... There are plenty of interesting things to work on. Today will be better.


Anonymous said...

Here’s to you having…a much better today, than yesterday. Long story short, I happened upon your blog being the stead-fast Chaka Khan fan which I am, I have a Google-alert set up for any internet post or article which references CK.

When I read your “A Middle-Aged BJ” blog post, I thought, “Wow…I’m not the only person that knows how to ruin an otherwise perfect, sunny weekend (albeit it a bit muggy and humid here on the east coast).” Months ago, (with the harsh winter we had), I could have said, “Well who wouldn’t feel a bit moody or lethargic, perpetually confined to the house amidst all the snow?” But now that the weather is better, I find myself having no valid excuse for not being out and about (particularly living so close to Nyc as I do – and all of the cultural, recreational, and entertainment options therein). Oh yeah…that’s right, I don’t have any friends (not true, I said that for a laugh). But, seriously, although I am a reluctantly speaking “middle-aged man” (in theory, not necessarily the way I feel), I do notice that my friends living in my immediate vicinity, themselves, skew to the “older than me age range,” while I consider myself more “middle-age lite.” They, or at least one in particular, are not physically able to get out there and “hang.”

So yes, my dear…misery does love company. Lol. J/k. You may have had a miserable day yesterday, but the underlying optimism and earnestness of your post does actually reflect your ability to accept a bad day, for just that – a bad day. It doesn’t have to spill over…into the next. While I may allow the insignificance of yesterday, to also “rule the day” of today, (since I don’t have much of a different script for today, than yesterday) – come Monday…”it’s on and poppin’” (that’s just an expression which means “it’s going down”) – which is yet another way of saying…I’m waiting until Monday to get my act together, hopefully by some pro-active, measurable steps. By the latter, I refer to nothing too serious or intense…just simple things like – going to the gym, cleaning up a bit around the crib, eating more healthy…you know, things that make you really feel good! (you may infer some sarcasm on my behalf if you wish).

I don’t have my ipod on right now, but if I did…and I could cue-up an appropriate song to you in closing, it would be Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone.” Cheers! Have a great Sunday.

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