Sunday, January 03, 2010

Getting a Little Trashy

Literally. The trash.

One of my many New Year's Goals is to get re-organized in the "green" department. I have too much trash, plain and simple. For one day, I am going to embarrass myself and admit what goes into my kitchen trashcan. I'm quite sure that there are other possibilities for much of it. (I just threw coffee grounds into the trash, for instance. I know better. I really do.) And then I'm going to figure out a plan for reducing the pile.

Today's list includes:
  • coffee grounds and filter
  • kitty litter
  • the kitty litter box -whoops
  • a pillar candle that had finished its useful life
  • the remains of a loaf of bread that I had made before leaving town for Christmas
  • the wrapper from a stick of butter
  • the plastic bag the bread had been in
  • a piece of wicker that broke off the laundry basket
  • the box that my bath pillow came in (clearly recyclable)
  • a dryer sheet
  • the plastic bag that the brown rice came in

Ok, the sad truth is that the kitty litter, the wicker scrap, and the candle are probably the only things that needed to be in there -and even there, there are changes that could be made. But, now we know the baseline. There's nothing to do but start from here.

One change. One little change. That's all I have to do today.

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