Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another "Martha Moment"

I'm guessing Martha Stewart doesn't have a laundry basket full of unfolded clothes in her bedroom. So, any comparisons of me with Martha are stretching the truth rather a bit. But I remembered how fun it was at the beginning of spring to go buy the geraniums that graced my front porch all spring and summer. And I remembered how plunking two plants down on the front steps helped me to claim my space just a bit.

Yesterday, Victoria and I went out for a girls day. She kept calling it a "mums with mom" expedition. Egad, child, stick with dancing. We bought these:
See the knife? I have a plan.

Pumpkin guts: I wanted the neighbor boys to help me with this part. It's just disgusting enough to really please children of a certain age, but I guess they weren't home from school yet.

Then this happened:

Everybody who walked by had to vote. Did the pumpkins get grouped or separated? Do I need more, or do I perhaps need a basket filled with a mixture of mums on the top step? Should I stick some ivy in the pots? I love this puttering.

And yes, even as modest a project as this helped me to claim my space in the house and on the planet. Martha knows how important that is.


Lisa :-] said...

I am a fall-decoration junkie. I've already started to deck out the restaurant. And I think your punkins are gorgeous!

Loretta_S said...

I was coerced into carving a pumpkin last year and had forgotten what a disgusting messy job it was. I will not be repeating this year. Yuck, I'll stick with knitting.