Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Random 10

It's been forever since I've done this. You know the drill. Take out your iPod, set it to shuffle mode. Tell us the first ten songs that appear. And no fair leaving out the ones that make you look like a dork.

Here are mine for the week:
  • I Don't Like Mondays; Tori Amos
  • Where there is Faith; 4Him
  • Cursum Perficio; Enya
  • Entrance of the Queen of Sheba; Handel -geez, why is that here?
  • WalMart Parking Lot; Chris Cagle -embarrassing, but really it's not a bad song
  • Tranquility; Phil Coulter
  • Summer in the City; Three Dog Night (oh my!)
  • Hurricane Party; Cowboy Mouth
  • Doublin'; Si Kahn with the Fright Hoppers
  • The Girl with the Flaxen Hair; Debussy

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